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Cool, calm and collected!

Pastel colours can be your bestfriend during a hot day because of the pleasing and calming effect on the eyes.  So if you think the day is going to hit boiling point, you know it’s time to grab those soft pinks and baby blues.


I’m usually pretty good on Mondays. I usually (using the operative word again) decide on Sunday what clothes to wear on Monday.

Today was chaotic for me. I opted for black trousers and then further slid away the closet door to find a navy blue lacy top. I paired the top with a black singlet to keep me covered. A black belt to cut the top from the bottom.

I removed the grey jacket from the hanger and decided that this will do. Whilst I was walking out, I realised I needed a little bit of ‘something’ to give my attire an ‘umph!’So I went back to my room and went straight to my box of scarves.

At first I decided a patterned silk scarf. It didn’t feel right. I thought that the texture of the scarf clashed the lace design of the top. I then remembered my two Witchery thin scarves.

I pulled the first scarf that is dark blue but with pointillism design. Not being content with this scarf, I pulled the other scarf with a pastel zigzag pattern. My husband was already waiting for me outside as I heard the car engine running. I took both and thought to myself that I will just decide inside the car, on my way to work.

I put both scarves around my neck and simply did a one lose knot of both. Somehow this could work.

As soon as I got inside the car, I unfolded the sun visor and flipped open the small mirror to check the scarves. Which one to keep? Which one to leave?

Surprise! I ended up using two different scarves. I said to myself, “Let’s clash these two patterns together to get a good mix’.

Scarves are good accessories especially when wearing a one-colour look. Since I was wearing too dark a colour (black and navy blue) adding patterned scarves lifted the outfit to a different look.

Please see the photos of my ensemble today.

Jacket: Portmans. Scarves: Witchery.


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