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Posted on: 04/27/2014

Fashion and comfort exist. I’m wearing another pair of comfortable pants whilst travelling. The side ruchings found on the bottom of the pants add a touch of style to them. I matched the pants with my ever faithful blue flats.

Who said you cant travel in style?

I am obsessed with these Cotton On pants.  I got them for $10.00 at Cotton On outlet store in Harbour Town, Perth. They are my new wardrobe best friend when I struggle to come up with something to wear.  Comfortable. Stylish. No fuss. 

I can wear them with my flats or, if I want to be a little fancier, my heels.  A simple t-shirt, a razor back singlet or a lacy top goes well with these pants.

A definite must have for your spring/summer wardrobe.


The only way to start 2014 is to wear bright (and happy) colours.  This yellow top is perfect to keep positivity throughout the day.

Day wear:  Cotton On top, Portmans necklace, Supre skirt

and Tony Bianco ballet flats

For a casual evening look, pair the printed skirt with a plain, soft black top.

This ensemble gives a carefree attitude during a night out with your friends.

Night wear:  Cotton On top, Forever 21 singlet, Portmans necklace, Supre skirt

and Kmart ballet flats

World, I introduce you to my oversized “boyfriend” long sleeves.

This top has sat in my closet for years (bought it in 2011) and it has not seen daylight.

Because this “boyfriend” is loose on me, I matched it with my Levis jeggings and a Cotton On jacket to cinch the look.  I grabbed my moss green MANGO belt (which was sitting perfectly with that pair of MANGO pants) to make my ensemble a bit interesting.

Yes, I am short.  I needed to create an illusion that I am tall so I wore different hues of blue to create a “mono” look.

Oh! Did I mention I was wearing my 6-incher shoes?

Brunch with friends today. 23 degrees. Sun. A little bit of breeze. Perfect. (Except my hair! Haha!)

Shoes: Zu. Belt: Portmans. Scarf: Target. Skirt: Lee. Top & Sleeveless Cardigan: Avocado.


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