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Posted on: 04/27/2014

Fashion and comfort exist. I’m wearing another pair of comfortable pants whilst travelling. The side ruchings found on the bottom of the pants add a touch of style to them. I matched the pants with my ever faithful blue flats.

Who said you cant travel in style?

The only way to start 2014 is to wear bright (and happy) colours.  This yellow top is perfect to keep positivity throughout the day.

Day wear:  Cotton On top, Portmans necklace, Supre skirt

and Tony Bianco ballet flats

For a casual evening look, pair the printed skirt with a plain, soft black top.

This ensemble gives a carefree attitude during a night out with your friends.

Night wear:  Cotton On top, Forever 21 singlet, Portmans necklace, Supre skirt

and Kmart ballet flats

I have been in front of the computer for hours now. Clicking Away. Searching. Then another click and another tab is opened. The joys of online (window) shopping. My latest target at the moment is Forever 21.

The closest I could get to Forever 21 is through my Internet browser. It is unfortunate to say that we do not have this ubiquitous store in Australia. My Bag currently has 24 items. I do get carried away. The swift maneuvering of the mouse and the simple clicking of it make shopping effortless.

Since it is Autumn in Perth, I thought it’s the perfect chance to change my look. As I work in a corporate environment from Monday to Friday, weekends are the days when I experiment with my fashion style.

I promised myself last night that I will stay away from monochromatic blacks and greys this Autumn/Winter.

My aim is to be different from the previous Autumn/Winter years I had dressed myself. This 2012 I will embrace a different look. Prints, patterns and colours this Autumn/Winter 2012. I do not have an excuse to be comfortable with my monochromatic blacks and greys! This is my challenge this Autumn/Winter.

So what clothes am I looking at?

A nice pair of stockings or leggings matching with a denim jacket and psuedo-cowboy boots for a complete feminine chic weekend look.

There are days when I’m so over winter. Sometimes this weather could be so hair and shoes unfriendly. If you get caught without an umbrella you’re stuck with soaking wet hair, shoes and clothes by the time you get to where you want to be. In my case, I am drenched by the time I get to the office.

I did a mini closet clean up last night and saw some of my summer/spring skirts. And nostalgia of these seasons hit me. ‘I wish it was summer’, I whispered to myself. I miss the sun and I miss wearing my mini skirts.

It seems that it’s second nature to wear dark, neutral colours whenever autumn/winter arrives. I guess it comes hand in hand with the  (sometimes) not so nice weather that is associated with winter.

Then I thought, ‘who said you can’t wear colours in winter?’

‘Who came up with the idea that flower-patterned skirts must only be worn in spring or summer?’ I am breaking the cycle!

This winter it is more than just enveloping yourself with black. By adding patterns, designs and colours to the staple black, winter can be so much fun.

Best companions: Throw on a knit cardigan or a structured jacket and matched it with Mary Jane pumps. Oh! Don’t forget to wear your tights!




Camel is the colour for Winter 2011.

A tunic dress (some people define this as ‘the sack’) is a staple collection in a wardrobe. Adding a belt creates a distinction of the waist.  Fitted kitten-heel boots and black tights are the perfect combination for a tunic dress. To jazz up this look, the key is to accessorise. Since the clothes are neutral, it is best to add an accessory that is bright or sparkly or has metal features on it.


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