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I am obsessed with these Cotton On pants.  I got them for $10.00 at Cotton On outlet store in Harbour Town, Perth. They are my new wardrobe best friend when I struggle to come up with something to wear.  Comfortable. Stylish. No fuss. 

I can wear them with my flats or, if I want to be a little fancier, my heels.  A simple t-shirt, a razor back singlet or a lacy top goes well with these pants.

A definite must have for your spring/summer wardrobe.


Brunch with friends today. 23 degrees. Sun. A little bit of breeze. Perfect. (Except my hair! Haha!)

Shoes: Zu. Belt: Portmans. Scarf: Target. Skirt: Lee. Top & Sleeveless Cardigan: Avocado.

A lot of things happened over the last few years and fashion (together with my wonderful family and friends) kept me sane.

I woke up one day and I said to myself that I need a new look. It’s like having a new hair cut or a new hair colour. Something needs to be done.

After a deep and meaningful conversation with myself in front of the mirror, I then told my friends that this year will be a new me; the year of boho!

Boho is drawn from the bohemian and hippie influences. I have never done something like this. To note, my wardrobe is not even close to boho. I have been true to being preppy chic my entire life. Ralph Lauren and Miuccia Prada would be so proud of me. 

I know for some fashionistas the “boho” is extremely yesteryears. But I am doing this as a personal project. A reinvention of myself. A Personal Journey. And there is no better time than Easter to kick start this “boho-ness”.

I’ll make sure that I’ll have lots of fun. A mixture of colours. A dash of earthy tones. A truck loads of accessories. And one “It Bag” (if my wallet permits).

Let the journey of “Boho-ness” begins!

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