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There is a craze out there for bandage skirt; whether it be plain or patterned.

When I was on holidays, I discovered bandage skirts and became obsessed with them.

There's something about stripes...

I found the bandage skirt very flattering for a good number of reasons:

1. It hugs my body in the sexiest and most feminine way. The elasticity of the material gives room to stretch around my hips which creates a nice shape.

2. I can get away with wearing a loose top since the skirt is tight. This way, it hides my “tummy” area and I was not self-conscious about it.

Yes. I am a normal person and I have problem areas. It’s just a matter of knowing what to wear and how to wear the clothes to hide these nasty problem areas. That’s the secret.

3. The length is just right. Not too short that my knickers would show.

4. The comfortability level is bar-none. I don’t have to worry that my skirt will fly up when a gush of wind comes past. I love it in that sense.

5. It does not take too much space and weight in your luggage. Fold it or roll it. Either way,  it will leave plenty of room for your other knick knacks when travelling.

6. It is a versatile piece of clothing. I can wear it during the day or night.

a. For a casual look, wear it with flats (like what I did).

b. For a dramatic effect, stilletos or pumps are the perfect match.

c. If you feel like being a rebel for the day, skater shoes (like DCs and Royals) are the way to go.

d. If you want to be transported to a girl-next-door-look, Converse or Keds would take you there.

Grab a piece and you’ll find yourself buying for more. Have fun shopping!



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