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The only way to start 2014 is to wear bright (and happy) colours.  This yellow top is perfect to keep positivity throughout the day.

Day wear:  Cotton On top, Portmans necklace, Supre skirt

and Tony Bianco ballet flats

For a casual evening look, pair the printed skirt with a plain, soft black top.

This ensemble gives a carefree attitude during a night out with your friends.

Night wear:  Cotton On top, Forever 21 singlet, Portmans necklace, Supre skirt

and Kmart ballet flats

This skirt is amazingly versatile! It is a perfect companion during the day because of its material and length. Since the skirt is made of cotton it is light and it won’t stick to your thighs. You can also wear it at night because of the black and white thematic pattern.

But how do we truly transform this skirt into something more than your ordinary mini.

1. Instead of pairing this skirt with a simple t-shirt, wear a fancy ruffled sleeves shirt to avoid the plain Jane appearance.

rara mini skirt

2. Cinch the whole outfit with a medium width belt. Opt for a belt that has a distinguished style or has a big buckle. This will add a special factor to the whole outfit.

rara mini skirt

3.  You can inject a little bit of oomph by wearing a 3/4 beige summer-jacket.

rara mini skirt

4. For a more casual afternoon look, team this skirt with a light, flowy top. Wear white to convey a carefree attitude.

rara mini skirt

5. If you want a more sophisticated style, don’t hesitate to tuck the top inside the skirt. Finish the look with a buckled belt.

rara mini skirt

Skirt: Rusty. White top: Bardot. Buckled belt: Bardot

Event: End of year financial party on 24 June 2011.

Dilemma: I have to work from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm. The party starts at 7:00 pm. I have no time to go home and change my day wear to night wear.

What to wear?

Thursday, 23 June 2011. 8:00 pm: The night before the party.

I decided to rummage through my limited wardrobe collection to see what options I have from changing my look from day to night without splitting hairs and exerting tremendous effort. I do not want to be too underdressed or too overdressed at work and during the party.

What would be the safest clothes to wear? Jeans.

Since it would be an evening event, a dark pair of jeans is the answer. I decided to opt for my skinny jeans (close to jeggings) since this is a good casual look during the day and can be stylish at night.

I chose a black frilly sleeveless top as this style and colour is universal.

I then said to myself that my ‘Eiffel Tower’ shoes would be the guest for the night. But I did not want to kill my feet by wearing heels the whole day at work so I decided that my snakeskin pattern ballet shoes would accompany me to work during the day.

Since my clothes are all dark and plain, choosing a pair of ballet shoes with pattern and camel colour would avoid a monotone look for me.

I have worked out my shoes but how do I transform my look from day to night? Simple.

The ensemble of a semi-casual look on a Friday at work would not be complete without a jacket. I chose a light brown (with little speck pattern) as the finale touch. So by night, since it would still be a work function, I chose a semi-long black, fine pinstripe jacket.

Viola! I’m ready for tomorrow.

My good old faithful snakeskin ballet shoes

My ‘Eiffel Tower’


You can substitute the black shoes to a pair of hot red ones. By doing this, you can avoid an all-night black attire. Those red hot shoes would make you stand out from a swarm of all-black wearers of the crowd. You will be proud of clicking those red shoes more than twice! No Dorothy for the night.

Like them when they’re hot!

Jeans: Guess. Top: Bardot. Jackets: Theme (Day Look). Cue (Night Look). Shoes: Therapy. Satchi. Nine West.


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