The Journey

“It’s always me. Never somebody else.” – Karl Lagerfeld

I am inspired by beautiful fashion designs and styles. I appreciate fashion at its finest. But in reality, my pay check does not extend to owning designer staples or high-end brands. Because I adore fashion, I still find ways on how I can feel and look fashionable (yet true to my fashion style).

The limitation of my pay check taught me to bargain shop and to learn how to dress myself with limited budget. For this reason, I love everything that is on sale. I always feel proud when others give complement on clothes that I bought for $2, $5 or$10. This is my accomplishment!

Over the years I have learnt what styles suit me (but I am also a rule breaker, sometimes), and I was finding that my style evolves in subtle ways.

I am learning more about myself through fashion.  It helps me to be decisive with my choices (which transcends to being decisive with my choices in life).

I dress the way I want to dress for myself and not to impress others.  Fashion conveys who I am and it constantly reminds me of the person who I want to be.





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3F's in my life: Family. Fashion. Food.
3F's in my occupation: Fashion Jotter. Fashion Stylist. Fashionographer.

February 2018
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