Something from thin air…

Posted on: 03/16/2012

Alas! Casual Friday and I woke up without any idea what I should wear to work. With this usual panic attack, I really don’t have anything in mind.

First thought…”What’s the weather like?”

I felt a good breeze from the garden. That’s a good start!

Second thought…”What’s the most wonderful thing to wear when weather permits to wear anything?” Got it!

So I rummaged in my box of Autumn/Winter items and grabbed my tights. I then went straight to my closet and literally pulled the first thing my eyes saw.

My Friday was neutral extravaganza. A striped, ruffled Vneck top teamed with a babydoll top cum tunic (both from Portmans). To cap off my attire, I put on a long sleeveless cardigan to create another layer in my attire. This cardigan will sufficiently cover my bum if my flowy top keeps blowing upwards. Another excellent reason as an after thought when I put it on. My workplace is still a corporate office  so I do not really want to cross the line of Friday casual to Friday inappropriate clothing. I have a reputation to keep…wink wink.

Casual Friday

Wearing neutral can be dubbed as boring so I chose a few intricate pieces to spice things up.

1. A green emerald neckpiece.

2. Orange scarf to accessorise my handbag.

3. My wonderful ribbed shoes.

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