How to wear a rara mini skirt

Posted on: 01/26/2012

This skirt is amazingly versatile! It is a perfect companion during the day because of its material and length. Since the skirt is made of cotton it is light and it won’t stick to your thighs. You can also wear it at night because of the black and white thematic pattern.

But how do we truly transform this skirt into something more than your ordinary mini.

1. Instead of pairing this skirt with a simple t-shirt, wear a fancy ruffled sleeves shirt to avoid the plain Jane appearance.

rara mini skirt

2. Cinch the whole outfit with a medium width belt. Opt for a belt that has a distinguished style or has a big buckle. This will add a special factor to the whole outfit.

rara mini skirt

3.  You can inject a little bit of oomph by wearing a 3/4 beige summer-jacket.

rara mini skirt

4. For a more casual afternoon look, team this skirt with a light, flowy top. Wear white to convey a carefree attitude.

rara mini skirt

5. If you want a more sophisticated style, don’t hesitate to tuck the top inside the skirt. Finish the look with a buckled belt.

rara mini skirt

Skirt: Rusty. White top: Bardot. Buckled belt: Bardot

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