Hello Spring

Posted on: 09/11/2011

Sunday afternoon is a good dress up day. This is the day when I do my trial look/outfit.

I have been looking at flowers lately and I have to admit, I am currently obsessed with them as accessories. For some reason I’m drawn to big flowers; just like Carrie Bradshaw’s love for flowers in Sex and the City.



Since it is spring, I reckon this is the best time to flaunt this wonderful obsession so I decided to give my flower accessory an exercise. I wore a plain green dress since the weather permitted me to wear something short and light. I added a colourful waist band to the dress to spice it up. I then took my cream 3/4 jacket and pinned my pink and black flower (which I got from Lovisa).  This dress is perfect for a high tea event or an all-girls afternoon get together. The fabric belt adds a playful touch to the dress.

I decided that the flower would be the hero of my outfit and the waistband would be the sidekick. The two provided me the right amount of accessories.

Flower: Lovisa. Shoes: Tony Bianco.

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