Jacqui Cocodis: A leap from postnatal depression to fine jewellery designing

Posted on: 07/04/2011

Have you ever thought of buying jewellery from major chain accessory shops and fear that you would bump into another girl wearing the same necklace or bracelet as you? This may have crossed your mind when you picked up that beaded bracelet on sale the other day.

How embarrassing would it be if you were in a party and a colleague or an acquaintance was wearing the same sparkly necklace as you? Somehow, in one of the many occasions in your life, you have had this experience (or will experience, perhaps).

Women put more value into their jewellery if these pieces are unique and exquisite looking. These kinds of jewellery veer away from ‘just being an accessory’. They transform  into key pieces.

There are no words to describe fine jewellery design. Wearing a unique piece is always a day or occasion to remember.

I enjoy spotting unique and exquisite looking jewellery and I usually come across them at markets, exhibits or street vendors (when I go overseas).

It was not unusual when I stumbled across Jacqui Cocodis’s humble stall of jewellery at the Everywoman Expo at the Perth Convention Centre. This was the only time I met Jacqui and her cheery hello made me stop and talk her about her jewellery.

Jacqui’s pieces of jewellery are true to being one-of-a-kind. No two pieces of jewellery are the same, which makes her different from the chain stores of accessory land. This removes fear from the embarrassing moment of jewellery replication.

As an onlooker, the amount of labour of love Jacqui has put into each piece is noticeable. She personally designs and wire sculpts each piece. Jacqui’s inspiration comes from her surroundings and the environment.

She exudes positive energy and engages her client to appreciate the beauty and value of a handmade jewellery.

The big beam from Jacqui’s face is a sign of her great pride brought by her jewellery masterpieces.

Jacqui’s post-natal depression got her involved into arts and crafts. She discovered a creative streak in her. It paved the way for Jacqui to master the craft of jewellery wire sculpting; allowing her to produce wonderful jewellery pieces and eventually led her to establishing her own store.  Clearly, an example of a true, inspiring and success story (the reason I write this piece).

Below are some jewellery pieces from Jacqui’s website. I personally saw the leaf drop earrings at the expo and they were beautifully made.

Add this pendant to your jewellery collection

A wonderful piece of sculptured bracelet

Beautifully sculpted leaf drop earrings

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