I am in love…

Posted on: 06/25/2011

I splurged on shoes last month. Naughty me.

Here they are:

Nine West - Your Fave Dark Natural

Nine West - Tomago Light Natural

Nine West had its 40-50% sale a month ago and I caught these two babies. I’ll post some photos together with clothes I have matched them with. There are a few styles in mind. Wait and see.

I am a fan of Nine West. They are worth every penny especially when they have their sale on.

I passed by Nine West Perth CBD today and my eyes became wide open when I saw this sign:

I need to go back and check this bargain. Alternatively, you can check their website on so you have a preview of what you would like to try when you visit the store.

Nine West sales staff are very accommodating. When the store does not have my size the sales staff would automatically check if other stores have my size.

Last year, I wanted this pair of sandals called Fashioning and all WA stores did not have my size. The staff recommended me to ring Nine West stores interstate. She couldn’t check the numbers of any interstate stores (computer system restrictions) but she pointed out to me that the numbers are on the website.

Yes. I hunted those babies down. I do have my dark brown Fashioning in 6. I got the pair from Sydney.

Speaking of Fashioning, this pair is on sale for $49.00. That’s a bargain! I got mine for a full price of $149.00 plus postage. I’m now contemplating of getting another pair in Cognac or Light Grey. I can’t wait!

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