My wonder jeans

Posted on: 05/29/2011

I just bought a pair of jeans that makes me look amazingly thin. It’s fantastic! I have found my wonder jeans.

The quest for a good pair is very difficult and time consuming. It is a tedious process. That is why if I find one (which is very rare) I buy it immediately. No hesitations! I do not second guess.

I tried on at least 5 pairs today and I found one! The brand is Guess and I got it from Myer for $79.95 to be exact. The material is made of 60% cotton, 35% PES and 5% elastane.

My problem area is the tummy so I have to be careful with the jeans I buy so I do not end up showing my love handles. I choose the material of my jeans carefully. The elastane provided allowance to my problem area. I was very pleased.

While I tried the jeans on, I was already wearing a grey Zara shirt. The material is 90% cotton and 10% elastane.

I have a thing for elastane material. It gives the body an allowance to move yet it still creates a sexy effect as it hugs your body in a good way.

To make my look a bit dressed up, I added a cropped inspired military jacket from Ben Sherman.

Jeans: Guess. Jacket: Ben Sherman. Bag: Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 (strap removed). Shoes: Zu ‘Commute’ sandals.

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